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Faith based powerhouse, entrepreneur, and podcast host. Peculiar Mo's mission is to build a Legacy through all of her endeavors, one of which includes health and wellness brand, Peculiar People Holistic. Ready to start your journey to power?

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Unlock Your Potential with our Exclusive Group Mentorship Sessions

Our group coaching program offers you the powerful combination of expert mentorship and peer learning to take your business to the next level. In just 4 focused weeks, Thursdays from 7-8 PM, you'll gain actionable insights, actionable strategies, and unwavering support to overcome challenges and achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

  • From Frustrated to Flourishing:

    Lost in floral fog, the Mentorship Program's expert guidance helped my boutique bloom! Actionable strategies, targeted marketing, and loan-landing support tripled my sales. From weeds to flourishing, this program made my dream a reality.

    Nicole B.

  • From Side Hustle to Scaled Success

    Side hustle stuck? The Mentorship Program showed me how to think big, invest smart, and build a stellar team. Now, I'm thriving full-time with freedom and security, all thanks to their invaluable coaching.

    Michael C.

  • From Team Struggles to Synergistic Success

    Our team was a chaotic mess. Then the Mentorship Program stepped in. Powerful exercises, communication hacks, and conflict resolution magic transformed us into a productive, motivated machine. Cheers to thriving together!

    Sarah L.

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